We've taken a key step towards enabling the future of mobility

A new venture

Expanding our global reach

AGP is expanding across Europe, bringing us closer to our customers and partners, enabling us to design the future of mobility together. Joining us on this journey is Soliver NV. With Soliver's solid reputation and experience spanning over 65 years, the company's acquisition by the AGP Group is momentous.

AGP's story began over a century ago in Berlin, Germany with a clear vision to be leaders in the design and manufacturing of specialty glass designing global solutions to global challenges.

Our approach

Designing the future of high-tech glazing

We take the future seriously. The industry is seeing an increased demand in electrification, connectivity, shared mobility, autonomous driving, and performance. Using an agile and inventive approach, combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D capabilities, we create bespoke technologies that continually enable safer, smarter and more entertaining mobility solutions.

Today our glass capabilities extend from security and defense, through to the incredibly high tech eGlass. Our glass has guarded Presidents and Popes, and is at the forefront of the market for stunning, cutting-edge user experiences.

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Brand evolution

Evolving our brand identity

AGP remains agile and entrepreneurial to the core, always pushing the boundaries of innovation. It is now a pivotal time for our company so we have taken the opportunity to align our brand with our vision. A fresh, bold and contemporary brand, building upon our rich heritage.

Our new visual identity showcases AGP as trendsetters in the industry, supporting our larger role on the global stage.

The new brand logo has been crafted to capture AGP's company values. The arc form above our letters symbolizes our glazing capabilities and our expertise to create precise, tailor-made glazing technologies, as well as our global presence and futuristic attitude. We approach unique challenges with purpose and open-minds, by being agile innovators and constantly pushing the boundaries.